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Tips on Giving the Best Presentation: Being able to stand in the crowd, or speak to people is a skill is that is necessary for all sectors of life.

A businessman requires this skill to be able to market his product or even sell his idea. Most students require this skill during seminars to do well academically.

Being able to give a great presentation takes a lot of training to get used to. For you as a beginner, you don’t have to beat up yourself. Most TED speakers start from somewhere.

Dr. Paula Johnson. TEDWomen 2013, SF Jazz Center, San Francisco, CA, December 5, 2013. Photo: Kristoffer Heacox

For you to get better at it, you must practice. 

Here are some tips that will help you get better at giving a mind-blowing presentation. 

  • Focus on your Message

When giving a presentation and you want to make is effective, ensure your message is simple and quick to comprehend. Whatever you say should only be on the core of your message. Make your presentation as brief as possible. You could summarize in few seconds with approximately 15 words.

  • Connect with your Audience

This tip will help you relax more while giving the presentation. You could do this smiling and maintaining eye contact with your audience. Ensure that not all the lights in your room are switched off so that your audience can also see you.

  • Start Well

You must start your presentation strongly, this will go a long way in getting your audience’s attention. You could start by keeping them entertained and the atmosphere less tense.

  • Use the 10-20-30 Rule for Slideshows
  • This tip is from a Guy Kawasaki of Apple, his suggestion for the slideshow is : 

 -slideshows shouldn’t contain more than 10 slides.

    • slideshows shouldn’t last longer than 20minutes.
  • -the font on the slides shouldn’t be less than 30.

Also, ensure that your slideshow does not overshadow you as the presenter. Information on your sideshow should not be overwhelming but simple and straight forward.

  • You can tell a Story

We humans, are programmed in a way that will connect to stories easily. This could be your punch line, you could easily get the attention of your audience by telling a story. It is necessary that your story connects with your presentation, this way, your presentation can easily drive home the message to your audience.

  • Use your Voice

For your presentation to be effective, you will have to make use of your voice effectively. When you listen to spoken words, you can easily connect because of the rise and fall in their tones. You could use this trick while making a presentation. This tip will help keep your audience engaged as your voice changes in pitch while making emphasis.

  • Be Passionate and focus on the need of your Audience

It may be difficult for you to relax while presenting but if you are passionate about the subject, your nerves may tend to relax. Be enthusiastic and honest about your product, as your audience may be able to see your passion.

Your focus must be the need of your audience. If your presentation is built around their needs you will be able to get them on your side. Don’t forget to make your presentation simple for your audience to connect with you.

  • Watch your Body language

Your body language speaks volumes while presenting. You could easily send the wrong message while presenting with wrong body gestures. Make use of strong and confident gestures. Avoid crossing of arms, arms held behind, pacing the stage, and hands in your pocket.


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