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JANITORIAL BUSINESS  | Janitor vacuum cleaning the corridor carpet floor inside an office building.around the garbage bin he has attached cleaning products and wipes.During the pandemic everything has to be disinfected


Starting a business can be very challenging, but there is the place of commitment and hard work. No matter what kind of business you choose to go into, there are some basic things to put into consideration before you start.

The mistake most people make is that they tend to neglect some basic things just because they’re not starting a “big” business, as it were. But, one thing is certain, all large businesses and companies we see today, started from something small, they worked their way up, and you can too. 


Janitorial business requires some steps that other businesses do not. There are some practical things to put into consideration before thinking of starting your own janitorial business. It is not just about starting the business, but maintaining it in the long run. 

We have compiled below some steps you should carry out before starting a janitorial business; 

Register the business 

As “menial” as you may think the business is, you should consider registering the business. It is a business and should have some recognition. Once you have chosen a name for the business, register it locally and nationally. This enables you to be able to open a bank account, and you can get your Employer Identification Number also. Obtain a sales and use tax permit as it pertains to your state and area. Be sure that the name you choose indicates that you offer cleaning services, but still stands out among other cleaning services in your locality. 


Develop a business plan 

Business plan helps you to know where your business is going. It allows you to highlight your business’ objectives, expenses, and profits you’ll make. Your business plan also shows the services you offer, job descriptions, potential risks, and whether you’ll need to hire a manager or not. If you want to source for finances from investors, you will need to present a business plan for them to know that you’re serious about the business; no one wants to invest in a business that has no future. 


Create a contract 

This specifies what exactly you’re responsible for cleaning for your customers. You will need to sign this contract with each client and also add any additional services you might want to include. The terms of the contract have to be agreed upon by you and your customers- your customers especially. Although you’re the boss of your business, the truth is, your customers are your boss and they determine to a large extent the outcome of your business. 


Define your workload 

When you’re first starting out, do not go beyond yourself. This is where most startup owners miss it, they want to do everything all at once. But, you shouldn’t forget that this is the period you need to gain the trust of your customers, and show that you can deliver on time. Handle small businesses first, and then you can expand as you gain more experiences and become more efficient. 



Create a price list 

Determine how you want to charge your customers, and have it in writing. Do not just come up with a price that suits you, you have to estimate the cost of labor and resources needed. Have it in mind that if you’re cleaning offices and homes, there are different sizes and some have more open spaces than others. 


Market the business 

Now that your business is up, you’ll need customers to patronize you. You can visit offices or businesses to market your services, or leave fliers on walls and strategic places. The world has gone digital, and you’ll reach more people online from the comfort of your home. You can create a social media presence (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) for your janitorial business. This way, you’ll reach more people who find value in what you offer, thereby increasing your business base. 


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